Two years ago and almost overnight I developed a very strange sunburned looking skin all over my face and back. It would always crop up after breakfast which always consisted of variations of bread and eggs. This continued for about three months and progressively got worse. So I decided to get myself tested for allergies. The results were like a massive kick in the stomach. And I will say that there is a long list of food and medicines that I am allergic to. I mean seriously, I went from a person who could eat everything to this weird food picker.

My food allergies include gluten, eggs, milk, apples, peas, lemons, sesame, and shrimp. Yes, that’s like more than half of daily diet. I thought to myself that it was some kind of horrible prank. But no, reality finally kicked in and it wasn’t pretty, trust me. I completely stopped eating all the allergy-causing food and was eating something like prison and hospital food (together ugh). This meant I couldn’t even have cheat days filled with cake, cookies or even grilled sandwiches (my weakness). I can say that it was eating into my happiness. I spent most days whining and wallowing and would look at pictures of cakes to me feel better. Yep, I did that.

This really built up a lot of stress and I decided to just maybe have a cupcake. I mean, what can one cupcake can do right? And boy was I wrong. My stomach was upset for weeks and my skin was terrible especially on my face (lots of redness and itchy acne-like rash). It totally crushed me and whatever was left of my self-esteem. The rash took about 5 months to clear up (that one little cupcake was so not worth it). It affected so many areas of my life that it was slowly taking over me. That was the last time I would ever touch anything that contained the GEM: gluten+ eggs+ milk.

I have to mention that having food allergies is quite unheard of in India. So many things are made of gluten but on the other hand, there are so many other things that I can eat. The reactions from people are epic. They’re like WHAT!!!

Even though there are some people who are Celiac (extremely allergic to gluten), it’s quite difficult to find gluten-free flour blends that are affordable. One will have to marry Prince Harry to have a stash of Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free flour at all times. But I will also say there are ways one can have affordable alternatives.

So take heart allergic people (sorry, not the best title), it’s not the end of the world.

I will try to put up posts that are related to food allergies. So even if you are allergic to gluten, eggs or lactose or altogether, you may find something here helpful. So look out for them