The very glam picture.

Those who can’t do, use ready mixes. But it’s my first time using one of these almost ready meals, so you can cut me some slack. Even though I love cooking, I’ve never ever made Biryani before, but I saw it in the store and thought I’d give it a go. I usually dislike these ready mixes die to fear of gluten additives but I am trying to keep an open mind about them. I thoroughly checked the ingredients as usual.

And this is how it turned out this afternoon, the house smelt great that’s for sure.  I think I added too much water but it turned out okay. I wasn’t sure whether one should use Indian cups or other cups which much bigger. Even though there was some extra water in there, it turned out beautifully moist and lovely to eat. To be honest, not as good as making Biryani from scratch or from a great restaurant, but I can live with that. It didn’t have the caramelised onions or the richness of the masala and did not look as great as the picture. But I would rate it 6/ 10. And the best part is that it contains no gluten, eggs or milk and really easy to follow the instructions.

The Biryani. I ate some before remembering to take a picture. Oops.

This is definitely the kind of dish to show off to people and say you “actually” made on your own. You might get away with it. But only just.