That’s hardly a crowd by the way.

First of all taking the bus is not for Damsels in distress and Prince Charming will not save you, AKA you have to be Princess Fiona taking on the bandits while Shrek’s jaws drop.

Do I really want to enter in ?
That’s what you call Hangmen.

So let’s get to it, please do not wear fancy clothes, I’ve got many an outfit with dirt on it and not to mention whites, which makes me come to having a very trusty pair of bus pants (Sheldon Cooper style). I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s not the cleanest place on earth and you have to be armed with hand sanitizer. I mean just imagine the germs crawling all over your clean hands and you use hands for everything, don’t you? And talking about germs, I would say that a long nail on the bus is a complete no no. I can’t remember the amount of times I have been scratched by painted long nails. Annoying and gross

There is nothing like having a good pair of shoes. They have to comfortable and snug. You don’t want your pretty one strap flapping sandal flying off while you’re trying to catch the bus on the run, that is why you need to wear sports shoes and get ready for them to be used, I mean really used. You will get stepped on.

And now for the most important thing, patience it is. Yes, you will never survive without this virtue and may hurl unladylike insults to be people around you. The key is to breathe, shake it off and live to fight another day. You are a strong, independent person and if you can take the bus you can do anything. You’re almost invincible.