Me at 80 !!

I don’t know about you, but I have always thought that cross stitching and embroidery is very old ladyish ( I’ll wait when I am eighty to do it). But hello Pinterest ! It converted me to getting into cross stitching and I even begged my mum for her cross stitch stash . And I even continued something that my mum couldn’t finish. She loved it! I can’t believe she trusted my Frankenstein hands with it, which eventually became not Frankenstein hands. Completely life-changing I tell you.

             You’ve got to love Pinterest.

So head to pinterest and just search for cross stitch plus a favourite theme of yours and you’re done. I keep a folder of the ones I want to work on and slowly start from there. There are so many patterns that are free and doable. You’ll be addicted. And it makes lovely gifts for your special people or special someone. All you have to do is count and follow the pattern. And the best part it, it’s so relaxing.So this is what I’ve been working on. A little Lord of the rings thing going on. I thought it would be super adorable for my kitchen. And maybe I might even follow the meal plan. If i am up for it. Yep, need a bigger tummy.

Not bad eh. I just have a bit more to go (a fancy medieval border or something like that) and then its hanging on my kitchen wall.
I used this Lord of the rings-esque font. It works really well. And so easy. Great for beginners.

I’ll try to put up some cross stitch patterns if you want to work on them. There is something for everyone. It will be fun I promise.