Have you ever been in a terrible situation where absolutely nothing works on your skin and everything feels like napalm when it touches your face? Well, a while ago that was my skin. It was terrible. I had a really bad allergic reaction because of gluten intolerance and it just had to show up on my face. I mean, that’s really the best place, isn’t it? It was so oily, dry, dehydrated with red, angry bumps all over, including around my eyes. And to top it all I have acne as well. Like Halloween just exploded in my face. I tried all my store-bought sensitive skin products, but none of them seemed to work. Even my Cetaphil cleanser refused to help (It always does, but not in this case).


So what did I do? Whinge. Yes, whinge and google search about what other things I could do. So I came across this video by bubzbeauty on YouTube, where she used good old Quaker oats to cleanse her skin. I thought to myself, this is the last thing I am going to put on my face and I am so glad I did. It changed everything, the burning stopped, the redness was so much better and eventually did go away. My skin was calm and happy and felt balanced. It was such a relief and even after it all cleared up I have been using it consistently for the past three years.

If this is true for you, stop whinging because it’s going to be okay and use oatmeal. You’ll love it and your skin will thank you for it.


Some tips from me from me:

  • I use the quick cook oats variety. (Any brand will do long as its plain and unflavoured)
  • I like to put my oats into a blender or a mixer/grinder for a flour-like texture so that the friction on your skin is reduced when you use it. And also it softens much quicker than whole oats.
  • I never rub it over my face, instead, I gently apply it all over, trying to be careful as possible.
  • And the important tip of all, be patient, give it time to do its work.