here are so many reasons why I love Not only do they have great offers on so many of things, they also have a small selection of gluten-free products that I love to buy, especially their rice noodles. And the best part is that they taste really good and so affordable as well. One box of Real Thai noodles gave me about eight or nine lunches out of it. I think it’s pretty worth it. 

These are the ones that I love.


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Typically, they are meant incorporated in Thai recipes but I like to do it a bit differently. I know Pad Thai has many different ingredients and spices but I prefer to avoid many spices as they tend to irritate my already sensitive stomach. The only spices I use are Garlic, salt, pepper and a tiny bit of chilli powder. I only use Kashmiri chilli powder where any dish calls for chilli as it is gives a good colour, is mild and easier on the tummy as compared to our general Indian chilli powder.


My Recipe

Here is how I do it, you can tweak it according to your own taste so feel free to add or skip anything.

Serves 2

Pad Thai noodles

4 or 5 cloves of garlic or even more

A bit of salt and pepper

Kashmiri chilli powder (I use Everest)

By the way, chop up the veg anyway you like. I don’t judge.

2 or 3 spring onions

3 carrots and / florets of cauliflower

2 green capsicum/ bell pepper

Some cabbage

a few mushrooms / chicken for non-vegetarians

Soak a good bowl full of rice noodles in hot(ish) water. Add a bit of oil, add the garlic and onions (not the spring part) and fry for a bit, quickly add in the carrots and cauliflower( they take more time to cook). Put some salt and pepper now. Add the mushrooms/ boiled chicken, bell peppers, cabbage and springs. I like my veggies a bit crunchy but you can do what you want. After the vegetables are cooked add the Kashmiri chilli power.

The noodles should have softened by now, you want them to be a bit al-dente because it’s going back in the pan. Add the noodles, stir it all together and have a taste. Add extra pepper or chilli if you want. And your done. Now shove it in your mouth.

There, who needs instant noodles anyway. This so much healthier and filling and anyone can make it. So give it go!