This coming December will be my parents’ 30th Wedding anniversary. So I wanted to do some embroidery for them. Something a bit sentimental and pretty and will look good in the living room.


So this is what I’ve been up to. Instead of the usual cross stitch, I thought I’d do back stitch instead. It’s easier and quicker than cross stitch, so you can finish it in half the time. I followed this font, you can find it if you scroll all the way down. I did stitch to the original colour for “Two shall be as one”. But you can do what you want really, no pressure.

I know the anniversary is a some time away but you know how time flies and soon December will be just around the corner. And I got so excited that I couldn’t wait to start. You know, it’s amazing how soon time flies when one is engrossed in this. Even though it took me some time to do, I was quite happy with the way it turned out. And I really hope my parents will like it too. I hope my mum is not reading this. I’ll probably show it to her at the weekend. I can’t keep it a secret for much longer anyway.

I found these amazing fonts in back stitch on Pinterest that I used. You can use them too. I think they are very cool.

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