Who loves green tea, I mean truly.

Pick me.

I am the only green tea drinker in my family who absolutely loves it and I now drink it by the litre. It wasn’t like this always, though. I’ve only been drinking it every day for just over a year. After reading up on the many benefits green tea contains, I finally decided to give it go.  I must add that the only motivation to drink green tea was for the sake of vanity really, I just wanted to have really clear skin. I mean, who doesn’t right? It really does help but I’ve read that you have to drink at least six to eight cups for it to be effective. So how did I do it?

5640a5dd169ce24d2bac48c1ccb73be4It did taste absolutely horrid, o begin with, but I found these amazing ways to make it taste nice. Try these. Squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice in every cup for a great taste and added Vitamin C. This is one of my favourite ways get past the taste. It’s really good for digestion as well.

My second favourite thing to do is to add some grated ginger and a dash of honey (not too much). This really works well for a tummy upset, cold, cough and flu. I store it in a flask and have it through out the day. Also,
adding a bit of fennel seeds gives it a great taste as well. I also add a spoonful of chia seeds (sabja) for energy. Chia seeds are a good source of calcium, omega 3s and fibre, all packed in these tiny seeds. Even lemon grass or mint works really well.

So find a flavour that your taste buds will dance too and keep on drinking.

Or if you’re feeling a bit lazy then get some flavoured green tea. Easy-peasy.

I love green tea from Organic India, Lipton and Tetley. I buy it from Amazon.in of course. These are my favourite ones.

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So now, no more excuses to turn up your nose at the thought of green tea. How about trading that one cup of coffee for a cup of green tea. You might just like it, even by accident.

And now that the weather is getting cooler, where’s my second litre of green tea?