If you liked the Gold digger jam jar that I just did, then you’ll like this one for sure. For some reason the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have been coming almost everyday this week, so i was inspired to do a nautical themed jam jar (actually this time I used a pickle jar). Like I said before, it’s amazing what you can find in kitchen cupboards and I found so many empty jars. So I got so excited. Save your jam jars people and I think it’s time to raid those kitchen cupboards.

This time I wanted to do things a bit differently, so I got out my pencil and black pens and here’s what I drew.

A very simple ship drawing. Took me about 5 minutes to do. Go over your pencil work with a basic black pen. I used a waterproof pen just to be safe. And cut around it with a pair of really good scissors. As always be careful.

This time I actually painted the cover of the jar with metallic gold acrylic paint because it was black in colour and had words written all over it. But if you have a cover that is very plain and metallic, then you’re good to go. For the bed of the ship I used some coarse rock salt that I found in my kitchen, again. This kitchen seems to be quite the treasure trove. I wanted to stick to a bit of a nautical theme, not exactly piratey, but if you want to go that way, do it. Coming back to the salt, you can use any kind really, like Himalayan pink salt. So do what feels good to you, but stick to you theme. If you don’t like drawing, do a miniature origami ship or even get a small model one. Just an idea.

This is quarter of the original size. I’ve used lots of it.

To wrap the top of the jar I used some jute rope that you can get at the hardware store. It comes in a big bundle and is so cheap. You can use it just as it is or you can braid it like me. I did a standard three string braid, just for fun. Do this when the jar is empty or else the salt gets everywhere. You want the salt about an half an inch in height or more depending on the size of the jar.

And for some variations, you don’t have to draw a ship. How about some of these.

A fancy shark fin.
That’s supposed to be an octopus, actually. Looks a bit lopsided.
A really weird Kraken. If you don’t get it, use your imagination. 🙂

And after playing around with all my stationery. I put all the elements together and this is what I got.


IMG_1500        IMG_1490IMG_1533

And for some more variations on the above that I did last year.

DSC07011 DSC07013DSC07012  DSC07014 DSC07015