I’ve been watching so much of Doctor Who lately and one of my favourite episodes is ‘The girl in the fireplace’. If you haven’t watched this episode, you must because it’s just brilliant and if you haven’t heard of Doctor who, you’re living under a rock. Sorry.

This episode is so good but really sad as well. You just might shed a tear, if you do I don’t blame you, I almost did.  



And this time the baddies are these clockwork men in Renaissance masks that hide under Madame de Pompadour’s (love that name) bed.

After watching this, I did check my bed just to be sure too. I mean these days, you never know right.

But there’s always Doctor who that saves the day and he’s David Tennant. (I think I just swooned or maybe collapsed, not sure.)

You would not want to have one of these under your bed.

So just for fun, I thought I’d draw little mask as a tribute to the clockwork men.

I didn’t want to do an exact copy, just a tweak here and there. I’ll get there soon.
Yup, I changed the hair. I bit lord Cutler Becketty
So handsome already.

wpid-20150628_163837.jpgSo the end result is, a really funny creepy mask.

Is this a little scary maybe? Methinks yes.

Going back in the drawer. Don’t want anything to come alive, do you?