It hasn’t even been twenty-four hours yet since returning from my little holiday in Kerala and I’m already feeling the blues.

Kerala is one of the cleanest cities in India that I’ve ever been to, so much so that my mum and I were raving about it to everyone when we got back. No litter on the streets, no one was spitting everywhere (unlike Pune) and the air was so much cleaner. I don’t think that the people even realise how blessed they are. And you just can’t get enough of the food. It’s simply divine. I know I’ve been talking only about the food but I am not kidding when I say it’s very difficult to hate it. And there are so many great options for vegetarians as well so everyone is happy. I’ve been eating so much because it’s so good.

So I just wanted to share some pictures of what I’ve have been eating the past few days and it’s all gluten-free. Wahay!

Fish Curry.
Appams. So light and fluffy.

This was for breakfast. Iddyappams and peas curry.
Fried Fish.
Beef Curry.
Vegetable Curry.

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One thing interesting about Kerala is that everyone were carrying umbrellas to protect themselves from the harsh sun. Even the men and some with pink umbrellas. And I noticed this one man with a pink shirt and a pink umbrella! I thought it was wonderful. I mean you don’t see such things everyday, at least not where I live. Another thing was that the traffic officials were all women, that was something. Love seeing women in uniform. I was so amazed with these little things that I just have to share them. The rickshaws were so much cheaper and the people were so kind and were willing to help us out as we couldn’t speak malyalam.

And the view is simply amazing. Can’t say any more.

The grass is greener on the other side!!