In a bid to eat better and healthier, I bought some beetroot to have just raw as a snack. I know what you’re thinking, who in their right mind eats beets as snacks. Believe it or not I actually like it, it tastes good to me, which is why I buy only three at a time so I can eat them immediately while they’re still fresh. And beetroot is so good for you, high in fibre, folate and iron (great for us ladies). So more reasons to eat them, I just thinly peel the skin, cut it like an apple and shove it in my mouth. Actually I am chomping on some while writing this.

If you’re buying beet root, make sure you get the green tops with it as well. You must buy them whole because we’re going to use all of it. Yes even those greens. They taste much like spinach, even better actually. And you can cook them in the same way as well. So easy, right?

That’s what beet greens look like. So pretty!


A bit of close-up.

Here’s my recipe.

You will need:

Beet greens washed with salt water and chopped

A bit of oil

Garlic unpeeled and crushed (saves so much time)

Salt and pepper

Kashmiri chilli powder

A pinch of turmeric

Add the oil and sauté the garlic till the skin goes light brown. Add the greens and spices according to your taste. Stir it around for a few minutes and take it off the heat. And yes, eat it. It makes a great side dish with whatever you’re eating. If you don’t like the taste of green veggies, I suggest you add a bit more chilli powder. And don’t be a coward, they are really good for you, I mean it.

Happy Healthy Eating.