If you knew me at school, you would know that I was the most unsporty girl in my whole class. I would come last in all the races, I was so unmotivated to take part except where it was compulsory (Oh cross-country, I hate you especially that time I stepped in cow dung, that was something.) And you guessed it, I just despised PE, I think I got a B. So anyway, since getting tendinitis last year without doing any physical activity, I just bent my knees to pick up something and pop, I got a huge wake-up call to get fit or somewhere close to it. So as soon as my doctor gave me the okay to start exercising I did.

I am so very lazy so I needed something fun and upbeat to really get me motivated to exercise at least three times a week, that was my aim. And I hate the concept of getting fit at the gym where you have to pay so much for using the really scary equipment. So the answer to all this was YouTube.

I love YouTube especially for the workout videos and you can find that are fun and that you will want to come back to every day. And you don’t need any fitness equipment, maybe a Pilates mat, that’s it. And I never knew that exercising could be so much fun and so exhilarating that I have been doing it regularly for a year. You might be laughing at me but seriously it’s a huge accomplishment for me. And I am proud to say since May last year, it has been my fittest year of my whole life. And I am not backing down now.

And of course I want to share the videos that are have kept me going, I love HIIT the most. These can be done in the privacy of your own living room. No one there to judge. And you don’t have to get any fancy fitness gear.

So no more excuses, If I can do it, so can you.

I would love to know how my readers keep fit, so please use the comments box and tell me what you do. Let’s motivate each other to be fit.