Hello my wonderful readers,

Let’s go back in time.

I want you to try and remember the first book that made you fall in love with reading. Can you picture it? Hardbound, a beautiful cover and a story that made you melt.

And after that particular book, you swore that you would love books forever and always.


This is how I fell in love with reading. I discovered this book by Liz Underhill called The Lucky Coin on my living room bookshelf as a child. The cover was enough to tempt, I loved cats and who doesn’t love kittens right? I thought it was so adorable. And this is how the story began.


Isn’t it lovely. I always used to ask my mum to read it to me and when I could read it myself, it was definitely more than once everyday.

The story about little Tom cat and his lucky coin is lovely not to mention that I love the fact that the animals are in people clothes. How cute is that! All the illustrations are in the form of doors that you can open to find even more pictures. The more you look at them the more you discover new things.

Even though I am not a child any more, I still enjoy this beautiful book, it brings back lovely memories of reading together with my family and cosy bedtime stories.




The book also contains the lucky coin that is featured in the story. So quaint.

The funny thing was that the never contained the coin (That always made me sad). It was lost for years somewhere in the house and we found it during the time we moved out of there. It somehow was just like the story in the book. The coin came back to me and I loved this book more than ever.

There it is, safely resting where it belongs

So how did you fall in love with reading?