If you haven’t yet heard of Chelsea Winter and her amazing cookbooks, you have now. She has some of the most amazing recipes I can’t wait to try, especially her Crazy Italian Chocolate Cake.

I stumbled upon this recipe on my Facebook feed by Chelsea Winter a couple of days ago and I was really excited that this chocolate cake recipe was both egg and dairy free. Even though it is originally made with all-purpose flour, you can add gluten-free flour as a substitute. Chelsea did so herself and she said that she can’t tell the difference. And you must have a look at her other recipes as well. Amazing!!

I even tried it this afternoon and it turned out really well. So happy with it. And for a person like me with so may food allergies, recipes like these are so rewarding. It tastes really good with some hot chocolate sauce for some comfort in this dreary weather we’re having at the moment. Also it was so much fun enjoying it with my grandparents. Always fun.

I love discovering allergy free recipes from great cooks all over the world, which is why I love the internet so much.

So Thank you Chelsea Winter, you really made my day.

Find the recipe here.