Hello my lovely readers,

I want to share with you want a wonderful day I’ve had today, even though the sky was so dull, it was raining all day and there was a power cut for nine hours. Can you imagine that! But never fear because books are here, which is probably why I never get bored because there is always a book hanging about everywhere, in my bag, at my house, in my room, at my parents’ house, in my bathroom. I think you’ve got the picture.

And with the lovely monsoon we’re having, there’s no better way to spend the day than with some good reading and lots of green tea. A marriage made in heaven I tell you.

Well, my MA English Literature Semester III will be beginning next week and I am getting so excited because we have some really amazing plays that we are going to study and I can’t wait to get there. And one of them is Hamlet of course. I just finished reading it this evening and I enjoyed it so much. It’s everything I imagine it to be, ghosts, swords, blood, madness.

I mean I do love Shakespeare, he really knew what he was doing. And to have survived hundreds of years is not a small feat, right?

Having studied A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Much Ado about nothing, Macbeth and King Lear before, Hamlet was all the more exciting. And I do love revenge tragedies. And now since I am done reading, I will be looking for some film and TV versions to watch. Any suggestions?

So how do you spend your monsoon afternoons? With Shakespeare, or someone else?