Hello? Are you listening?

Is anybody listening? Can you hear me?

They can hear me, but they do not listen.

My voice just seems to be drowned by this mindless chatter.

This endless small talk, this meaningless banter like dross.

Do they even know I exist?

Or am I just an apparition, doomed to never speak or be spoken to.

Speech does occur, words do come out.

With some, it comes naturally; we can go one talking for hours together.

But with them, it is as if my whole being is chained,

My voice freezes, my spirit suppresses.

                                                                                    I feel, I am belittled.

It doesn’t have to be like this,

No one forced you to be around them, were you held at gunpoint?

You are not a slave, you are free.

They are not worth it; they don’t deserve your friendship.

You are made of more than this.

And you have nothing more to give, it is all exhausted.

No one should be treated like garbage, even if by the people closest to them.

We are all accountable to what we have said.

It is easier to watch a bridge burn than save it from burning.

What path will you choose?

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