Hello everyone,

I don’t know if you are feeling the Monday blues, but I definitely am. I don’t know what my skin is up to today, it’s feeling so dry and getting all flaky around my mouth. And to make it worse the weather here is fluctuating a lot and has made my face red and irritated.

It’s not very nice. But I find that my trusty Nivea creme always comes to the rescue. It really helps in reducing redness which is something I constantly have to deal with. It really moisturises and soothes my face too. So I am going to be raving about this and it’s not just any old thing, it’s the original German Nivea creme.

I never really knew that you get different cremes in the market, like in India, we get Mexico ones, which is very different from the original German one. A few years ago, some friends from the Netherlands got us a few tins of Nivea creme that were from Germany. I didn’t think it was different from what we got here.

Anyway, the moment I used the German made Nivea creme, I knew the difference, I could see it. It is less oily and melts so easily into the skin and the texture is much lighter. I had previously stopped using the Mexico Nivea Creme because it felt and looked like vegetable oil all over my face. Not a good look.

But not the German one, it really is something wonderful. So after those lovely tins ran out, I went on the hunt for the original German Nivea and I found it. It was so exciting. They have it in stores where they sell imported skincare products. It may not be as cheap as the Mexico ones but it’s not that expensive either. And with my skin terribly sensitive skin, Nivea is the only thing that I am not allergic to, so I was willing to spend a little for the real thing.

So what I do is, I buy the biggest tin I can find and empty some in the little ones that I have and keep them everywhere.

I have saved all my tins so that I can empty some creme in the smaller ones. It’s hygienic and convenient too. So don’t throw them away.
This one clearly says made in Germany, since you can it in Dubai, you can easily find it in India as well. And the difference in ingredients is stark compared to the Mexico version. I got it for 375 Rupees in January this year. And I haven’t even used up half. So worth it!
Made in Mexico version.
Direct from Germany !!

And there’s more. Nivea creme has been compared to Creme de la Mer (the cheaper version).  Isn’t it amazing! The benefits are endless. It works so well for anyone with dry, irritated, sensitive skin and it has never clogged my pores. I think that’s enough to convince and the results don’t lie.

So I think you should really consider giving Nivea creme another chance if the made in Mexico version has disappointed you. The German one will not. Just try it!