Hello my Babblejuicers,

Do you like your new name? Is that too much?

I kind of like it !!

Anyway, lets get to it. I want to introduce you to Flour Power and if you haven’t guessed already, it’s a baking business and started by my lovely cousin Elena Johnas in Mumbai.

She’s one of those cousins you have who are just so good at cooking and baking. As kids, when we used to play house during the summer break, she was always the mama who make mud cakes and leaf sauce and what not. I always remember her cooking the family something tasty, whether it was her pan roasted pizzas or gooey cheese sandwiches. They were so good. I was just happy to sit around and taste everything even before anyone else could. But she loved baking just a little more, I have a clear memory of her chocolate and banana fudge just melting in my mouth and let me not get started on her butter pound cake. Absolutely delicious. And all this began when she was just in school.

So she has taken her love for all things baked to a whole new level and started a business from her own home. So if you live in Mumbai city, you can order many of the delicious cakes and other yummy goodness that she bakes fresh from her own home and these get delivered right to your door. And trust me because you’ll love it so much, you’ll be ordering more and more. And they come in small and large. She also takes orders for birthday and tea parties.

From cakes and cupcakes to cheesecakes, she constantly finds innovative ways to up the ante. Her Decadent Heaven Cake has been hailed as the best chocolate cake by whoever has tasted it. I have to say I agree with it because it is the best selling one. And her strawberry cheesecake is to die for.

So let me stop raving so you can start ordering! I have attached the flyer below so you can see the things you’ll want to order and her contact details are also below. Scroll all the way down.

You can find her on Facebook as well. Here’s the link. Don’t forget to like and write a review as well.


I will be posting some pictures of her cakes and other things in the coming week. They are going to be fabulous!!
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