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Hello my lovely babblejuicers,

You already know that sensitive skin can be so hard to deal with. It’s really difficult to find skincare that really works for you. And many times what works for someone may not work for you.

I think I have a decent skincare routine that really works for me, but I always felt stuck when it came travelling skincare. So when my family decided to go on holiday and we had to spend two nights on the train, I was just worried how I was going to was my face and everything. If I don’t wash my face before going to bed even for one day, I will a bunch of cystic spots and big ones okay.

I found some really good ones at Dorabjee’s but the price-tag was huge. I didn’t want to spend so much because I never use face wipes and I just needed them for the journey.

While browsing the isles, I came across these baby wipes by Chicco. You get 20 wipes for 65 rupees. So they are really affordable.


It has no alcohol or parabens and is soap free, which is all great. But I was still reluctant to buy it, though I did anyway. I was so afraid of them. I am sure you know what I mean, the fear of an allergic reaction can be so terrifying and after having a really horrifying experience with Johnson’s baby wipes, I was right to be afraid.

However, being on a train is a different experience, you can’t follow your skincare routine at all. So I used the chicoo baby wipes on the train before going to bed and they were amazing.

There was no stinging or burning, no tight-dry feeling but fresh and clean skin. The fragrance seemed a bit too much for my nose but it didn’t stay for long. It would have been perfect if it was fragrance free, but I was grateful that they worked. Now the next day, my skin was absolutely fine, no reactions or irritation,no breakouts, nothing.

I never knew  baby products work well for you’re grown ups too. But it here.

So thank you so much Chicco, for making some amazing wipes and saving my skin. I can’t wait to try other products too !!

So what are your favourite travel skincare products, have you found the right ones? I would love to know what you use.