Are you tired of using chemicals on your acne?

Well, I really am !!

After years of using benzoyl peroxide to get rid of my acne, my skin has been left dry, dehydrated and irritated. You may have gone through a similar thing. The thing is that benzoyl peroxide isn’t the best solution for sensitive skin. I am not saying that it doesn’t work but it does irritate a lot, especially when it came to my skin. Even the lowest percentage of 2.5 made my face very red, itchy and caused it break out in sores.

I stopped using it, but the acne came back with a vengeance. This time it was a blend of rashes with acne so I couldn’t do much. I needed something that would calm my skin and heal the acne. Basically, I needed a miracle in a bottle.

So I did some research for some alternatives to benzoyl peroxide and after a long time, I found some articles by Dr. Weil (of Origins) suggesting that Calendula can be a good replacement. I immediately went over to the chemist to find some. I got a tube of calendula ointment. When I went home I tried some on a small area by the next day the redness had completely gone and the rash and acne looked so much better. This really worked for me. It’s been just over a year that I’ve been using calendula and I’ve not regretted it. So no more BP for me and I was glad to get rid of it.

Calendula can be used for many problems like cracked skin, dry skin, rashes, cuts and scrapes, acne and makes a great lip balm as well. The ointment is great for that, very soothing and healing, it’s multi-purpose.



And the best part is, it is really easy to find and it comes in a gel form or an ointment.

In India, you can find it in homoeopathic pharmacies, look for the brands SBL and Baksons. They are the best. They cost around 50 rupees. So it’s really affordable.

Here is the article from Dr. Weil’s website.

But always remember to test it on a small area first, you never know what you might react to.