Hello my babblejuicers,

Hope that you all are well!!

We are right in the middle of the week and I am sad to say that I’ve got a bit of a runny nose all of a sudden. So I am sipping some lemon green tea to feel a bit better. The thing about a cold is that it always makes me a bit red all over with a nice Rudolf nose to top it off. And I always put on some oatmeal to make it all better.

I have already raved about oatmeal as a cleanser for the skin.

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There are so many ways that you can use oatmeal. I have been using it every day for the past three years as a cleanser, scrub, and mask. It has replaced so many products that I used to use before in a bid to get clearer skin.

After using so many anti-acne products that were really harsh and some of them didn’t even work, oatmeal has been life-changing. No chemicals, eco-friendly, affordable and endless benefits, just to name a few. I love it so much, I could slather it all over me.

So here are some ways you can use it. Plain and unflavoured works the best. I use the Quaker brand. It’s inexpensive. You can grind the oats to a powder, that’s what I do. And it doesn’t matter what skin type you have because I have all skin types on my face. It works well with any.

  1. To make a DIY cleanser, take a bit of the oats and add water to make a paste and apply all over. Rinse. Just like your regular face wash.
  2. For a scrub, do the same as above and but add some gentle circular movements concentrating on clogged areas. Be very gentle. It makes the skin very soft and velvety.
  3. For a mask, add some honey or just plain water and leave it on till it hardens. I like to add some local honey for some extra soothing goodness. It helps acne and blackheads and any other skin problems. But if you’re feeling too sensitive, just add the water alone. Dry skins can add a bit of whole milk or cream. But if you’re oily and acne-prone, keep it simple, water and oatmeal are great for you.

See, no effort, dirt cheap and so many things you can do with it. You can always make up your own recipes using oatmeal as a base.

Hope you like this. Enjoy !!

Just remember to always test it before putting it all over your face.

Happy Wednesday!!