Do you get that burning sensation when you wake up in the morning? Something that resembles acidity that makes you feel uncomfortable. I know what you mean. And there is a solution to it.

Well, I have been battling with acidity for a very long time. So I completely changed my diet and lifestyle and it has really worked for me. I make sure that I eat something healthy every two hours and that really helps, whether it is some fresh fruit or dry fruit and nuts. I think it’s really important to fuel your body with the right things and my biggest rule is that one must never starve oneself. But you can’t eat in your sleep and the gap of many hours between dinner and breakfast doesn’t help.

But despite following all the rules of healthy eating, I still get really bad stomach acid that affects my skin. It’s really strange actually, I go really red in the face, something like a sunburn when I eat breakfast of any kind. I couldn’t figure it out for a long time because this only happened in the morning.

I did some research and found that it was stomach acid causing the problem and the acid combined with breakfast resulted in a sunburnt face. I love savoury breakfasts rather than sweet, chilli powder and other spices were always present. But this is a no-no.

Apparently, the cure was eating a banana on an empty stomach and voilà, the stomach was calmer and my face too. And after some time have a good and proper breakfast.

Amazing isn’t it !! Just a banana, who would have thought that something so simple could solve my problem. Maybe it could help you too. It’s so easy to do. When you wake up in the morning, eat a banana first thing and then follow up with breakfast, a very mild one. It might make a difference to all that acidity and have a sweet breakfast rather than spicy. I am looking at all you fellow Indians, okay.

So a banana a day does keep acidity away!