Money! Nothing worse 335
in our lives, so current, rampant, so corrupting.
Money—you demolish cities, root men from their homes,
you train and twist good minds and set them on
to the most atrocious schemes. No limit,
you make them adept at every kind of outrage, 340
every godless crime—money!

As part of my semester III MA English degree, we have been studying the play Antigone by Sophocles and it has been so interesting because it’s my first time studying Greek drama. Of course the play is a tragedy but it has many things to teach about loyalty towards family and friends and the power of one.One decision and actions can really change the course of the future for the better of worse.

But most of all this part of the dialogue said by Creon is extremely intriguing. What do you think??

The play was written in 441 BC and it is as if it was written yesterday. The hunger and love for money is still rampant as it was during that time. As we were having a small discussion in class, we read the above extract in isolation and it’s so hard hitting.

A funny thing money is, it does not corrupt by itself but rather the love for it corrupts and poisons.