I’ve been sneezing by head off since the past week and even a few days before that due to a sudden spike in seasonal allergies and it is not pretty.

I have hardly had a good night’s sleep because of all the sneezing and itching that has been keeping me up all night. My eyes, throat, ears and nose have been itching violently and I was feeling so helpless and frustrated.

Even my skin is not spared, I’ve got this rash-like red patches all over my cheeks. It was really bad. But I am glad that it has gotten a bit better in the last few days. I only resorted to taking an anti-allergy tablet just for one day because of its severity. I didn’t want to. I hate taking anti-allergies because I feel I will depend on them too much.

The thing is if you have many allergies to dust, pollen, pollution, chalk dust, smoke, incense sticks, I would say that you should avoid them like the plague. But I live in India and the city of Pune is everything that I mentioned before. You have to wear a gas mask when you step out !!

So it can get very difficult take precautions, so one needs solutions.

So I resorted to some natural remedies, that’s all I could do because it is something that I deal with every day. I cant take that many medicines

Here they are. As always test them before going all out…

  1. Cover up with a cotton scarf when you head out, especially your nose and mouth. This helps a lot.
  2. Find some all natural eye drops for dry, irritated and itchy eyes. I use Himalaya Opthacare. And if the itching is really bad, press your eyebrows starting from the inner corner to outer for some relief like an acupressure massage.
  3. Use a saline nasal spray a few times a day to make breathing easier. I use Otrivin S nasal spray. It’s quite easily available. But make sure you check the ingredients, it should only have salt and water.
  4. A warm steam facial before going to bed really makes difference. It ‘s good for your skin and helps to clear nasal passages. It also brings some moisture to your nose and throat. And helps that headache.
  5. For an itchy throat, take a spoon of honey and slowly swallow it. Or add some to a glass of hot water with lemon and ginger.
  6. Green tea or any herbal tea is very soothing as well.
  7. Gargle with warm salty water to clear any build up in the throat.
  8. For irritated skin, put some honey and oatmeal on it or use a DIY facial mist.

I really hope this helps because it really helped me so much this week. Time we kicked these allergies out!

And now to work on some graceful ways to sneeze!!