Hiya Babblejuicers,

I know that it has been a few days since posting anything but I have been quite busy with my MA English classes and I couldn’t write anything. So now I finally can. YAY!

I have been feeling so tired but these peanut laddoos have always come to save me when I am feeling a bit low on energy. I absolutely love eating these and have always since childhood.

An aunty used to always make these for me because she knew that I loved it so much. By the way, in India, aunties don’t necessarily mean they are related to you. We call most ladies aunty !! It’s this Indian culture thing. And so whenever I would visit my mum, she would make sure I take these back home with me. How sweet of her ! So this time round she sent me a big tin of them and I have already gotten half way through.



In India there are so many varieties of laddoos but these are very Maharashtrian with typical peanuts and jaggery. They are by far one of my favourites along with sesame laddoos as well. It is really good for you and gives you lots of energy, I like to keep them with me in a small air tight container and have them between college classes. They really keep me going and help me to concentrate on my classes rather than a growling tummy. It tastes really good along with my favourite nuts and seeds. Almost makes the perfect snack !

I would love to try and make these myself. I will put up a recipe soon. My grandmother says it’s really easy to make and you can also make it with the nuts and seeds that you like.

So what do you think?