Hey all,

If you don’t already know I love reading my Bible and because I really enjoy poetry I love the Psalms of the Old Testament especially.

So I thought why not come with one of my own. And here it is.

What do you think?

Oh LORD, only you are the one that I cry out to.

You know the very core of my being.

I may be able to veil others but never you.

You see the sadness that binds my heart from living.

You hear my muffled sobs in the watches of the night.

Who else do I have but you ?

Friends forget and familial bonds are easily broken.

Those whom I trusted have ripped me apart.

But I can say this.

Only you oh LORD regenerate me.

Only you have pulled me out of the swamp of sorrow.

Your Word is a soothing balm over me.

And by your stripes I am healed.

You draw me in oh LORD,

You bring to my memory the amazing works of your hands,

The sublime beauty of your creation.

And I a speck in all of that.

Yet you call me your own,

And renew me from the stench of sin.

Every day I am washed clean.

Never I,

Only you oh LORD,

Always trusting in you,

Depending on you.

Struggling yet humbled.


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