If you have been following my blog for a while you already know my allergy story. If you don’t I will link it here.


Well, it has been a very long 13 years of living with different kinds of allergies. Allergies can be really hard to live with and some days are just so frustrating that I find it very hard to get through them. Since I struggle with seasonal, food and also environmental allergies, even small things like running errands or spending the day out with friends can be so daunting. And knowing me I have to think a hundred times before deciding what to have for lunch.

However, since starting a homoeopathic treatment for my allergies since December last year, I have had great results. My seasonal allergies and sinus conditions have almost completely disappeared after having morning colds every day for eleven years. It was so bad that I used to sneeze continuously and get a sore neck. But the thing with homoeopathy is that it requires patience and since we are so used to popping conventional pills for instant relief.

For me, it took about three months to notice a big difference. I suddenly realised that I don’t sneeze and become so puffy in the mornings. I did try anti-allergy medicines for two years before and it did help, but the side effects were terrible. I always felt very lethargic and used to even doze off in class. It just makes you feel very sluggish. And since allergies are a long term condition, I think it’s important to take something that is safe and that will not give side effects.

What I love about homoeopathy is that it’s a holistic treatment that goes into the root of the problem. The human body is not just a bunch of body parts that work separately rather they work in tandem with each other. So one affects the other. Anyway, ┬áhave no idea how it works but it made a huge difference with my seasonal allergies.

So now let’s see how it works for my food allergies. I will update on how it goes on the food allergy front.

Also, I want to give a disclaimer that homoeopathy really worked for me, but it might not work for you. I am no way an expert on any of these things. So please consult your doctor before taking anything.

So, how do you deal with your allergies ? Would love to know !!