Hey Babblejuicers,

Hope all of you are keeping well in this really strange season we’ve been having here in India. It is the monsoon and it’s damp and cold. But I love it because of some respite from the harsh summer we just had.

However, it does mean that many of us are very prone to colds and sore throats. So I really want share with you all, my recipe for all of that. It really helped me out a lot, especially for that prickly feeling in the throat. I think it works well for seasonal allergies as well as the conventional cold and cough.

So here goes.

You will need:

Water – 500ml

Apple Cider Vinegar – 1/2 tbs


Lemon juice

Black Pepper


Put them all in a bottle and shake well.

There are no exact ratios for this water. Just make sure you use them all but according to your own taste. It’s no point if it doesn’t taste good to you because you’re not going to drink it. But a word of caution, please don’t gulp it down all in one go. For best results, you’ll want to sip it throughout the day, every half an hour or so. You can keep it handy at your desk and in your handbag. I found that it worked better than the cough syrups you can buy from the chemist and no drowsiness too.

So that’s it. Easy peasy right.