What do you do when you look like a tomato, are low on cash and got a face of an oil rig ?

Yes, that was me a while back. Let’s just say that it was like being in a real-life zombie movie that never ended, like ‘Resident evil’ happening live on my face.

I always have my trusty Nivea creme whenever I get very red, but this summer nothing worked. It was about 42 degrees where I live and did I mention that I have a sun allergy as well. And since I have terribly oily skin, putting Nivea was like smearing lard on my face. Not a good look at all !

I was just browsing through the local supermarket just round the corner and I came across this little baby. Who cares if it’s meant for a man. Skin is skin.



They had me at, ‘Irritated skin ? Don’t tolerate it’. Everything that was mentioned at the back of the box was what was going on with me. It didn’t matter that I am a girl. I was pretty desperate to try anything at that point.

What I love about this balm is that it doesn’t contain any alcohol, parabens and has minimal fragrance. I can deal with that. And it’s also very calming and really soothes my red, irritated skin in the summer. A great alternative for my Nivea creme in the summer months because it’s very light but moisturising. And the price is great too, around 200 rupees but I ordered it from amazon for about 145. Ive been using it for the last 2 months and still got tonnes left. Amazing, right  ? The only critique is that it comes in a glass bottle. So watch out, butterfingers!

Sometimes, you really have to think outside the box for your skin’s needs. Who would have thought that an aftershave balm would work wonders for me? And also it’s nice to have no-frills products.

So thanks, men !