Struggling with acne for the past 10 years has taught me one very important thing. It’s not just a skin problem, it’s your body telling you something. For me, it means that my hormones are going all haywire. Hormones are the worst, it’s really difficult to control them. Oh, hormones, what do I do with you !!

But after reading this article from, I really searched all over for spearmint and I found it on The brand is True Elements.


You can buy it here and here.

So here are my thoughts on spearmint tea. I’ve been drinking it for about 6 weeks now. I marked it on my calendar because I really wanted to know how long it takes to show results.

Well, I saw results within 3 weeks. I had a few breakouts already but they didn’t come to a head instead they just went back in. And also the biggest difference I saw during that time of the month. The week before my period I usually get at least five or six spots. But I just got two or three tiny ones. And this got me really excited. And they disappeared within a few days. So it worked very well for my hormonal acne because even though I have a good skin care routine and diet I still breakout. It was definitely an internal problem.

I bought the twin pack and I am still on the first tin about half way through. I drink two cups a day, in the morning and evening. And I find that it also helps other things like colds and sore throats.

The only negative is that I wished I knew about this before, it would have saved me a world of trouble. But anyway, for those who have tried everything except this. Maybe you should give it a chance. A great remedy from the inside out.

Are there any remedies that have worked for you?

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