Hello all,

I know it has been a while since I’ve updated my babblejuice, but I just thought, what better way to come back than to give some spot treatment advice, cause we all know how irritating that odd pimple can be. I for one can definitely say that it’s true.

Over the years, I have tried dozens of spot treatments for those deep, cystic pimples which can stay around for more than a week sometimes. A few of them have even burnt my skin off. (I am looking at you, benzoyl peroxide.) Or maybe I just was a little too over enthusiastic with it. But that happened anyway. So I did what I do best, which is googling acne treatments, the whole spectrum, conventional to natural. And here’s what I found.

So, I bumped into this article by Refinery29,

After reading this, I wanted to try it out immediately. I already had a few coming up around my jawline. You know, those hormonal ones and the very same day I found a sulphur ointment in my local chemist. But always make sure that you first try it out on a small area on your neck first. Although sulphur is natural, it is very potent and can cause an allergic reaction in many people. So, be like me and always test new products before putting it on your face. You’ll thank me later.

I got this for around 50 rupees. So affordable and lasts for ages.
It is an ointment so it’s moisturizing too. But you can get a gel formula too.

I’ve discovered that sulphur has been the best spot treatment for me until now. I just dab some on at night and my spots are sure to go away in a day or too. Just don’t go overboard with it, because the peeling is ridiculous. To find it easily in India, check out this acne mantra article. It’s pretty wonderful.

Have you ever used sulphur before? Has it worked for you? Or what’s your go to spot treatment?