Hello again! I’ve been meaning to share these poems with you all for a long time. I guess I just never got around to doing it. But, better late than never. So, here goes.

What it means to give

What we give,

We do not receive in return,

And when we do not,

We get an unwanted double share.

Those that we love the most have spat in our faces,

That hurt can never again be rejoined,

We find the ugly truth when the delay is almost done,

Then all we do is live in a lifetime of regret.

Where pain often takes the place of contentment,

And the spirit grovels in sorrow.

Why do we leave ourselves so vulnerable?

So open to pain?

Where every turn is still the same,

An endless ocean of tears.

Where time stood still,

But moved like a wraith,

Like a flash of lightning,

Gone in an instant.

And love seems to exist in hidden places,

Can only be whispered in secret,

An intangible entity,

That the eyes can hear and ears may see.

Where the senses are often beguiled into believing a mist,

Here only for a moment.

And to hold it within your hand,

An impossible feat.

Who shall be the one to catch it first?