Broken Glass

Can two unlike hearts ever find each other?

Out of sight and even out of time.

Or is life just a teasing game?

That tickles the mind to madness.

The tragedy of losing the one she loved again,

Is too costly.

But could fate deal her a better hand?

Knowing her,

Probably not,

Always the loser,

Always finishing last,

This her reality.

She feels the pain of a hundred winters,

The icy cold,

Gripping her from the outside in.

There goes her warm cheeks,

What next?

Her heart?

She reminds herself,

Swearing allegiance to sorrow.

Shunning even a glimmer of joy,

To make way for bountiful sadness.

Her heart like glass,

Breaks yet rejoins,

Makes it thicker,



Sheltered from the world,

Away from hurt,


And even love.