Beautiful Scars

Are these scars too hard to bear?

Or do you see just that?

She never asked for them.

It was handed to her by force,

She looks in the mirror and sees a stranger,

Someone the world refuses to see,

Plagued with carbuncular scars.

That face could never make the cover of magazines.

What the world calls ugly is just a gimmick.

There is a scar within us all.

Some that the eye may see,

A few that the heart may feel.

But who is she?

Unlike any other,

An imperfect body given to her,

Just like you and me.

If you don’t like what you see,

Gouge out your eyes.

She won’t change for anyone,

Not even for love.

So no one need hear it,

There is un-beauty in us all.

But what about the unbeauty of the heart?