Hello everyone,

If you’re a big tea drinker like me then you will love this find of mine. I have been looking for tea infusers for a couple of years now, but just never found the right one and they were just too expensive for me.You know me, I’m quite the budget buyer.So while doing some random window shopping at Lifestyle in Pune city, I stumbled on this baby at Home Centre. I got super excited because it’s a rocket and it’s teal too. You can’t tell from the picture due to the light. But, the best part is, I got for 70% off. I mean how great is that. I love a steal.

Love Home Centre for having things like these!



Some tea leaves do stick to the outside of the infuser. That’s annoying!



My little rocket…swimming in spearmint!


As soon as I got home I brewed a mug of spearmint tea using the infuser and I loved it. It’s really easy to use and less messy too. I used to get so annoyed having to strain the leaves out before. It really helps create less waste because you don’t need to use tea bags, as it works like a reusable tea bag. All you need is loose leaf green tea or herbal tea and you’re good to go.

The only con is while filling in the tea leaves, they do stick to the infuser. So you won’t get a perfectly clear tea. But that’s okay with me, I am not so finicky. Maybe you can’t try a steel infuser if you like from Amazon.com/.in.

But as for me, I can’t wait to try infusing my tea with some lemon zest, ginger, lemon grass and other good stuff using this tea infuser. Definitely my best buy of the week.

What do you think, pretty great right?