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Hello. I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in English Literature. I love to write about the things I have a passion for (music, art, food, books and other stuff) and share it with fellow humans. Let's juice this babble!

Why I Really Love This Super Cute Rocket Tea Infuser

Hello everyone,

If you’re a big tea drinker like me then you will love this find of mine. I have been looking for tea infusers for a couple of years now, but just never found the right one and they were just too expensive for me.You know me, I’m quite the budget buyer. Continue reading “Why I Really Love This Super Cute Rocket Tea Infuser”

Poetry – Beautiful Scars

Beautiful Scars

Are these scars too hard to bear?

Or do you see just that?

She never asked for them.

It was handed to her by force,

She looks in the mirror and sees a stranger,

Continue reading “Poetry – Beautiful Scars”

Poetry – Broken Glass

Broken Glass

Can two unlike hearts ever find each other?

Out of sight and even out of time.

Or is life just a teasing game?

That tickles the mind to madness. Continue reading “Poetry – Broken Glass”

That Poetic Feeling – What it Means to Give

Hello again! I’ve been meaning to share these poems with you all for a long time. I guess I just never got around to doing it. But, better late than never. So, here goes.

What it means to give

What we give,

We do not receive in return,

And when we do not,

We get an unwanted double share. Continue reading “That Poetic Feeling – What it Means to Give”

Getting a Gigantic Pimple – Put Some Sulphur on it ASAP

Hello all,

I know it has been a while since I’ve updated my babblejuice, but I just thought, what better way to come back than to give some spot treatment advice, cause we all know how irritating that odd pimple can be. I for one can definitely say that it’s true.

Continue reading “Getting a Gigantic Pimple – Put Some Sulphur on it ASAP”

Poetry – The Weakness of the Soul

Hey everyone,

Sharing a poem with you all after a very long time.

Hope you enjoy it!

How vulnerable a soul becomes?

Opens itself to let another in,

Only fools would follow suit. Continue reading “Poetry – The Weakness of the Soul”

I’ve Been Drinking This Tea for My Acne, Here’s What Happened

Struggling with acne for the past 10 years has taught me one very important thing. It’s not just a skin problem, it’s your body telling you something. For me, it means that my hormones are going all haywire. Hormones are the worst, it’s really difficult to control them. Oh, hormones, what do I do with you !!

Continue reading “I’ve Been Drinking This Tea for My Acne, Here’s What Happened”

This Super Easy Recipe Cleared My Sore Throat Really Fast

Hey Babblejuicers,

Hope all of you are keeping well in this really strange season we’ve been having here in India. It is the monsoon and it’s damp and cold. But I love it because of some respite from the harsh summer we just had.

However, it does mean that many of us are very prone to colds and sore throats. So I really want share with you all, my recipe for all of that. It really helped me out a lot, especially for that prickly feeling in the throat. I think it works well for seasonal allergies as well as the conventional cold and cough.

Continue reading “This Super Easy Recipe Cleared My Sore Throat Really Fast”

This Amazing Aftershave Calmed my Redness Without Being Oily. Love It

What do you do when you look like a tomato, are low on cash and got a face of an oil rig ?

Continue reading “This Amazing Aftershave Calmed my Redness Without Being Oily. Love It”

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