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Homey Cross Stitching : What I Am Working on right now

I am really feeling the neck pain from doing this cross stitch pattern. It seems to be taking so long to get it done and I’m not even half way there yet.
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Doctor Who Clockwork Man

I’ve been watching so much of Doctor Who lately and one of my favourite episodes is ‘The girl in the fireplace’. If you haven’t watched this episode, you must because it’s just brilliant and if you haven’t heard of Doctor who, you’re living under a rock. Sorry.

This episode is so good but really sad as well. You just might shed a tear, if you do I don’t blame you, I almost did.   Continue reading “Doctor Who Clockwork Man”

Scribble Dibble: Drawing With Good Old Gel Pens

DIY Ship In A Jar… Well Almost

If you liked the Gold digger jam jar that I just did, then you’ll like this one for sure. For some reason the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have been coming almost everyday this week, so i was inspired to do a nautical themed jam jar (actually this time I used a pickle jar). Like I said before, it’s amazing what you can find in kitchen cupboards and I found so many empty jars. So I got so excited. Save your jam jars people and I think it’s time to raid those kitchen cupboards. Continue reading “DIY Ship In A Jar… Well Almost”

DIY Miniature Jam Jar Ornament : Gold digger

Please don’t throw away your glass jam jars. Why not reuse them to make some lovely ornaments for your home and can also double up as handmade gifts for friends and family. They’ll love it. It doesn’t take much time at all and so much fun to do. So bring out your inner third grader because we’re going to do some craft work. And it looks something like this.

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