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This Super Easy Recipe Cleared My Sore Throat Really Fast

Hey Babblejuicers,

Hope all of you are keeping well in this really strange season we’ve been having here in India. It is the monsoon and it’s damp and cold. But I love it because of some respite from the harsh summer we just had.

However, it does mean that many of us are very prone to colds and sore throats. So I really want share with you all, my recipe for all of that. It really helped me out a lot, especially for that prickly feeling in the throat. I think it works well for seasonal allergies as well as the conventional cold and cough.

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How I Allowed Acne to Ruin My Life – Part II

Hey Babblejuicers,

I completely forgot that June is acne awareness month. So I will be posting some acne related articles which I hope will help those of us who are struggling with it. And this one is to continue my acne story that I had begun earlier.

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How Homoeopathy Alleviated My Multiple Allergies Within Just a Few Months

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Gluten free flour


Making your own gluten free flour can be really annoying if you are trying to find the right blend for cakes and other baked goods. Which is why one needs a pre-blended flour to make life so much easier.

I get mine from bigbasket. Its called Jiwa atta, they have a great selection of other flours as well. I really love their gluten free flour. You can use it to make rotis , cakes, muffins and other things. And its so good for you.

Buy it here

And if you’re looking for a great egg substitute. Click here

Egg Schmegg

All you egg haters, this is for you. If you can’t eat eggs or are allergic to it like me, I recently discovered two great egg substitutes that you can use in your baking. Two things, Chia and Flax.

If you can get chia seeds or even flax seeds, try using them instead of eggs, they work really well and the best part is no one will ever know. Continue reading “Egg Schmegg”

My Struggle with Food Allergies and What I do About It

Two years ago and almost overnight I developed a very strange sunburned looking skin all over my face and back. It would always crop up after breakfast which always consisted of variations of bread and eggs. This continued for about three months and progressively got worse. So I decided to get myself tested for allergies. The results were like a massive kick in the stomach. And I will say that there is a long list of food and medicines that I am allergic to. I mean seriously, I went from a person who could eat everything to this weird food picker.

My food allergies include gluten, eggs, milk, apples, peas, lemons, sesame, and shrimp. Yes, that Continue reading “My Struggle with Food Allergies and What I do About It”

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