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How To Use Oatmeal For Your Skin – Cheap, Natural and Your Skin Will Love It

Hello my babblejuicers,

Hope that you all are well!!

We are right in the middle of the week and I am sad to say that I’ve got a bit of a runny nose all of a sudden. So I am sipping some lemon green tea to feel a bit better. The thing about a cold is that it always makes me a bit red all over with a nice Rudolf nose to top it off. And I always put on some oatmeal to make it all better. Continue reading “How To Use Oatmeal For Your Skin – Cheap, Natural and Your Skin Will Love It”

3 DIY Super Easy Facial Mists For Sensitive Skin

Hiya everyone,

Since I seem to be on the topic on skincare  with yesterdays Nivea Creme post, today I will be sharing how you can DIY some face mists for your skin. Call them whatever you like toners, fresheners, sprays, anything you like but they work really well for us sensitive people. Continue reading “3 DIY Super Easy Facial Mists For Sensitive Skin”

Super Easy And Fun Cross Stitch Patterns Anyone Can Do… I Mean It

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If you’re are still not converted to cross stitching because some patterns are too complicated for you, fret not because I am going to save you. Scroll all the way down for easy cross stitch patterns. You can thank me later.

Continue reading “Super Easy And Fun Cross Stitch Patterns Anyone Can Do… I Mean It”

Homey Cross Stitching : What I Am Working on right now

I am really feeling the neck pain from doing this cross stitch pattern. It seems to be taking so long to get it done and I’m not even half way there yet.
Continue reading “Homey Cross Stitching : What I Am Working on right now”

Scribble Dibble: Drawing With Good Old Gel Pens

DIY Ship In A Jar… Well Almost

If you liked the Gold digger jam jar that I just did, then you’ll like this one for sure. For some reason the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have been coming almost everyday this week, so i was inspired to do a nautical themed jam jar (actually this time I used a pickle jar). Like I said before, it’s amazing what you can find in kitchen cupboards and I found so many empty jars. So I got so excited. Save your jam jars people and I think it’s time to raid those kitchen cupboards. Continue reading “DIY Ship In A Jar… Well Almost”

DIY Miniature Jam Jar Ornament : Gold digger

Please don’t throw away your glass jam jars. Why not reuse them to make some lovely ornaments for your home and can also double up as handmade gifts for friends and family. They’ll love it. It doesn’t take much time at all and so much fun to do. So bring out your inner third grader because we’re going to do some craft work. And it looks something like this.

Continue reading “DIY Miniature Jam Jar Ornament : Gold digger”

Wedding Anniversay Back Stitch + Patterns

This coming December will be my parents’ 30th Wedding anniversary. So I wanted to do some embroidery for them. Something a bit sentimental and pretty and will look good in the living room.

Continue reading “Wedding Anniversay Back Stitch + Patterns”

Skincare Hero – DIY Oatmeal Cleanser

Have you ever been in a terrible situation where absolutely nothing works on your skin and everything feels like napalm when it touches your face? Well, a while ago that was my skin. It was terrible. I had a really bad allergic reaction because of gluten intolerance and it just had to show up on my face. I mean, that’s really the best place, isn’t it? It was so oily, dry, dehydrated with red, angry bumps all over, including around my eyes. And to top it all I have acne as well. Like Halloween just exploded in my face. I tried all my store-bought sensitive skin products, but none of them seemed to work. Even my Cetaphil cleanser refused to help (It always does, but not in this case). Continue reading “Skincare Hero – DIY Oatmeal Cleanser”

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