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How Self-depreciation Can Be Your Biggest Enemy

Hi to all my lovely followers.

It’s the middle of the week and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about life and also having many conversations about life issues. You know it’s one of those days where you feel just bleh. My friends and I have been chatting q lot about this bleh-ness. And all of us definitely agreed on one thing, that we do not believe in ourselves as much as we should. Continue reading “How Self-depreciation Can Be Your Biggest Enemy”

Favourite Psalms : Psalm 121

Hello my lovely readers,

I though I would share with you one of my favourite psalms from the Bible, Psalm 121.

Life has too many ups and downs but the Word of God gets me through.

It has really encouraged me especially through this rough week. I hope it will encourage you too.

Continue reading “Favourite Psalms : Psalm 121”

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