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This Super Easy Recipe Cleared My Sore Throat Really Fast

Hey Babblejuicers,

Hope all of you are keeping well in this really strange season we’ve been having here in India. It is the monsoon and it’s damp and cold. But I love it because of some respite from the harsh summer we just had.

However, it does mean that many of us are very prone to colds and sore throats. So I really want share with you all, my recipe for all of that. It really helped me out a lot, especially for that prickly feeling in the throat. I think it works well for seasonal allergies as well as the conventional cold and cough.

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How Homoeopathy Alleviated My Multiple Allergies Within Just a Few Months

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Healthy Snacking : Is It An Oxymoron ?

Hello my lovely babble juicers,

I know it has been a few days since I have posted anything. I have been down with a very bad cold again and I have spent quite some time in bed. But I am so glad that I am feeling so much better now.

For some reason, when I am ill, I feel so hungry that I could eat anything. But I especially crave for fried and salty snacks. Not a good combination. So I have been finding ways that I can snack but still make some healthy choices. But you know, I am not an extremist so the odd potato chip or should I confess, bag of chips keeps me sane. Continue reading “Healthy Snacking : Is It An Oxymoron ?”

If You Hate Green Tea, This Organic, Caffeine-free Herbal Tea Is Just For You

You must be already knowing the benefits of green tea, but it is definitely not for the faint hearted. It does take some getting used to. And it can be a problem for those who are very sensitive to caffeine. But take heart because there are so many herbal teas out there that tick all your boxes. Continue reading “If You Hate Green Tea, This Organic, Caffeine-free Herbal Tea Is Just For You”

Suffering From Morning Acidity – Start the day with a banana

Do you get that burning sensation when you wake up in the morning? Something that resembles acidity that makes you feel uncomfortable. I know what you mean. And there is a solution to it. Continue reading “Suffering From Morning Acidity – Start the day with a banana”

How I Got My Lazy Self To Exercise

If you knew me at school, you would know that I was the most unsporty girl in my whole class. I would come last in all the races, I was so unmotivated to take part except where it was compulsory (Oh cross-country, I hate you especially that time I stepped in cow dung, that was something.) Continue reading “How I Got My Lazy Self To Exercise”

What In The World Are Beet Greens And What To Do With Them

In a bid to eat better and healthier, I bought some beetroot to have just raw as a snack. I know what you’re thinking, who in their right mind eats beets as snacks. Believe it or not I actually like it, it tastes good to me, which is why I buy only three at a time so I can eat them immediately while they’re still fresh. And beetroot is so good for you, high in fibre, folate and iron (great for us ladies). So more reasons to eat them, I just thinly peel the skin, cut it like an apple and shove it in my mouth. Actually I am chomping on some while writing this. Continue reading “What In The World Are Beet Greens And What To Do With Them”

How to make green tea taste good + Recipes

Who loves green tea, I mean truly.

Pick me.

I am the only green tea drinker in my family who absolutely loves it and I now drink it by the litre. It wasn’t like this always, though. I’ve only been drinking it every day for just over a year. After reading up on the many benefits green tea contains, I finally decided to give it go.  I must add that the only motivation to drink green tea was for the sake of vanity really, I just wanted to have really clear skin. I mean, who doesn’t right? It really does help but I’ve read that you have to drink at least six to eight cups for it to be effective. So how did I do it? Continue reading “How to make green tea taste good + Recipes”

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