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Poetry – Beautiful Scars

Beautiful Scars

Are these scars too hard to bear?

Or do you see just that?

She never asked for them.

It was handed to her by force,

She looks in the mirror and sees a stranger,

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Poetry – Broken Glass

Broken Glass

Can two unlike hearts ever find each other?

Out of sight and even out of time.

Or is life just a teasing game?

That tickles the mind to madness. Continue reading “Poetry – Broken Glass”

That Poetic Feeling – What it Means to Give

Hello again! I’ve been meaning to share these poems with you all for a long time. I guess I just never got around to doing it. But, better late than never. So, here goes.

What it means to give

What we give,

We do not receive in return,

And when we do not,

We get an unwanted double share. Continue reading “That Poetic Feeling – What it Means to Give”

Poetry – The Weakness of the Soul

Hey everyone,

Sharing a poem with you all after a very long time.

Hope you enjoy it!

How vulnerable a soul becomes?

Opens itself to let another in,

Only fools would follow suit. Continue reading “Poetry – The Weakness of the Soul”

Poetry – What’s it like to be a Christian Youth today

I have been laying on it thick with poetry these few days. But really wanted to share them with you. Hope you don’t mind.

A couple of months ago at Church we had a youth Sunday. A Sunday where the youth only would be involved during the church service, for example, the singing, sermon etc.

A few weeks before the youth Sunday I was asked to write a poem about what it’s like to be a Christian youth in today’s world. I said yes.

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I Decided to Write My Own Psalm and Here It Is

Hey all,

If you don’t already know I love reading my Bible and because I really enjoy poetry I love the Psalms of the Old Testament especially.

So I thought why not come with one of my own. And here it is.

Continue reading “I Decided to Write My Own Psalm and Here It Is”

Poetry For The Soul – Hearing And Listening

Hello? Are you listening?

Is anybody listening? Can you hear me? Continue reading “Poetry For The Soul – Hearing And Listening”

Poetry For The Soul – Written This Morning

Morning Poetry

It is a mad world that we live in.

Friendships are made as fast as they are lost,

Strangers become friends and some stranger.

Even water becomes thicker than blood. Continue reading “Poetry For The Soul – Written This Morning”

Poetry Written By Me

Hello my readers, I just wanted to quickly share a poem that I wrote a while back. Continue reading “Poetry Written By Me”

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