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Your Face Looks Ugly

With regard to the title, I am sure many of us acne sufferers have and are struggling with erratic skin and have been bullied because of it. So I really want to bring some awareness to acne bullying. It’s very real, very painful to experience and needs to stop.

I wonder If people did not give me hard time about my skin, would I have felt so bad about it?

Continue reading “Your Face Looks Ugly”

Poetry Written By Me

Hello my readers, I just wanted to quickly share a poem that I wrote a while back. Continue reading “Poetry Written By Me”

Throwing Out All Life Cookie Cutters

What’s a life cookie cutter?

Well, it’s trying to fit into the world’s pseudo-perfect mould of the kind of person you should be, whether external or on the inside. Yes, that’s my definition. Continue reading “Throwing Out All Life Cookie Cutters”

How to: Pune City Bus survival guide.

That’s hardly a crowd by the way.

First of all taking the bus is not for Damsels in distress and Prince Charming will not save you, AKA you have to be Princess Fiona taking on the bandits while Shrek’s jaws drop. Continue reading “How to: Pune City Bus survival guide.”

My Struggle with Food Allergies and What I do About It

Two years ago and almost overnight I developed a very strange sunburned looking skin all over my face and back. It would always crop up after breakfast which always consisted of variations of bread and eggs. This continued for about three months and progressively got worse. So I decided to get myself tested for allergies. The results were like a massive kick in the stomach. And I will say that there is a long list of food and medicines that I am allergic to. I mean seriously, I went from a person who could eat everything to this weird food picker.

My food allergies include gluten, eggs, milk, apples, peas, lemons, sesame, and shrimp. Yes, that Continue reading “My Struggle with Food Allergies and What I do About It”

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