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What Sophocles Wrote About Money In 441 BC Is True Even To This Very Day

Money! Nothing worse 335
in our lives, so current, rampant, so corrupting.
Money—you demolish cities, root men from their homes,
you train and twist good minds and set them on
to the most atrocious schemes. No limit,
you make them adept at every kind of outrage, 340
every godless crime—money! Continue reading “What Sophocles Wrote About Money In 441 BC Is True Even To This Very Day”

To Be Or Not To Be – Sipping Green Tea With Hamlet

Hello my lovely readers,

I want to share with you want a wonderful day I’ve had today, even though the sky was so dull, it was raining all day and there was a power cut for nine hours. Can you imagine that! But never fear because books are here, which is probably why I never get bored because there is always a book hanging about everywhere, in my bag, at my house, in my room, at my parents’ house, in my bathroom. I think you’ve got the picture. Continue reading “To Be Or Not To Be – Sipping Green Tea With Hamlet”

The Love Of Reading – When It All Began with The Lucky Coin

Hello my wonderful readers,

Let’s go back in time.

I want you to try and remember the first book that made you fall in love with reading. Can you picture it? Hardbound, a beautiful cover and a story that made you melt. Continue reading “The Love Of Reading – When It All Began with The Lucky Coin”

I’ve just finished reading these…


This book was part of my MA English syllabus. But I actually read it even before the semester began. It is considered as the father of the modern English novel. Joseph Andrews will surely make you laugh at the satirical portrayal of the Augustan age and it people. Fielding’s style of writing is marvelous, even with all the digressions and slapstick scenes, he gets into the heart of the story and draws the reader in.

It’s written in the style of Cervantes’ Don Quixote. It’s very entertaining and the names of characters and absolutely hilarious. And one wonders if a man like Joseph can ever be found in the real world. I think not.

Continue reading “I’ve just finished reading these…”

Favorite books : Part 1 North and South

One can never have a favorite book, its like choosing your favorite child among the 10 you have (metaphorically speaking. And no, I don’t have ten children). This is going be the first part of many and maybe we do have things is common.north-and-south1

Continue reading “Favorite books : Part 1 North and South”

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